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‘Bone Thugs ‘n Hermione’ with ‘Nearly Headless Nickelback’ and the other amazing #HarryPotterABand ideas Twitter came up with

Harnessing the greatness that is Harry Potter, the latest Twitter hashtag challenge from JimJam Tags was for users to take band names and mix them with a Harry Potter twist. Thus, #HarryPotterABand was born.

The hashtag came just days after Harry’s birthday, which was celebrated by Potterheads worldwide.

The photoshopped posters and gifs made it even better. Check out this wonderful example of “Wand and Roses.”

Even the Rutgers University Libraries even got in on the game with Sirius Black Sabbath:

Others offered up some great attacks on “You Know Who’s” nose:

Enjoy some of the best tweets below:

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