Tulip Karasu

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery encounter answers for Tulip

Tulip Karasu came from a very strict upbringing by her parents, who work at the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. It makes sense she befriended Merula Snyde as a part of her rebellion. Who knows if she’s a spy for Merula or a true friend. Either way, if you need help finding the answers let my misfortune benefit you.

If you reach level 10 with Tulip you score a Dungbomb Necklace.

Playing Gobstones: Beat Tulip’s Trick Quiz

Question: What’s the best to throw?
Correct Answer: Ever-Bashing Boomerangs
Correct Answer: Fanged Frisbees

Wrong Answer: Biting Doorknobs

Question: What could disgust someone?
Correct Answer: Frog Spawn Soap
Correct Answer: Whizzing Worms

Wrong Answer: Hiccough Sweets

Question: What could make someone flee?
Correct Answer: Fanged Frisbees
Correct Answer: Ever-Bashing Boomerangs

Wrong Answer: Shrinking Keys

Question: What trick might someone eat?
Correct Answer: Shock-o-Chocs
Correct Answer: Acid Pops

Wrong Answer: Whizzing Worms

Drinking Butterbeer: How well do you know Tulip?

Question: Who was I friends with before?
Correct Answer: Merula
Wrong Answer: Rowan
Wrong Answer: Filch

Question: What do I call you?
Correct Answer: [your full name]
Wrong Answer: [Your first name]
Wrong Answer: [Your last name]

Question: Where do my parents work?
Best Answer: Ministry of Magic
OK Answer: London
Wrong Answer: Hogsmeade

Share a meal: Beat Tulip’s Trouble Quiz

Question: Where should you buy jokes?
Best Answer: Zonko’s Joke Shop
OK Answer: Hogsmeade
Wrong Answer: Flouish and Blotts

Question: Who should you watch out for?
Correct Answer: Mr. Filch
Correct Answer: Professor Snape

Wrong Answer: Rowan Khanna

Question: Who’s the best troublemaker?
Correct Answer: You
Correct Answer: Peeves

Wrong Answer: McGonagall

Question:What’s a proper prank device?
Correct Answer: Fanged Frisbees
Wrong Answer: Fizzing Whizzbees
Wrong Answer: Treacle Toffee


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