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Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery encounter answers for Tonks

The trouble-making genius that lived a life of power and passion. She was loving and kind and left a legacy that will stand the test of time. In Hogwarts Mystery, we get to not only meet her but befriend her as she enters the wizardry school and begins her journey. Here are the answers you need for the friendship encounters with her. Just don’t call her Nymphadora!

If you reach level 10 with Tonks you earn her badass Tonks’ hairstyle!

Playing Gobstones: Distract Tonks

Question: Let’s play, [your name]
Best Answer: Let’s trick Filch.
OK Answer: Let’s trick Pince.
Wrong Answer: Let’s focus

Question: Don’t try to distract me!
Best Answer: Peeves is coming this way.
OK Answer: Sprout is coming this way.
Wrong Answer: I can win without distractions.

Question: How do you like Gobstones
Best Answer: Let’s talk about Zonko’s
OK Answer: Let’s talk about Filch’s fingernails
Wrong Answer: Let’s concentrate

Question: Wait until you see this move
Best Answer: Wait until you become an Auror.
OK Answer: Wait until you get detention.
Wrong Answer: I can’t wait.

Have a meal with Tonks: Beat Tonks’ Filch Quiz

Question: What does he keep in his office?
Correct Answer: Fireworks
Correct Answer: Shackles

Wrong Answer: Grindylows

Question: What’s the name of Filch’s cat?
Correct Answer: Mrs. Norris
Wrong Answer: Mrs. Norbert
Wrong Answer: Madam Rosmerta

Question: Who does Filch hate the most?
Correct Answer: Peeves
Wrong Answer: Nearly Headless Nick
Wrong Answer: Snape

Question: What’s Filch’s title?
Correct Answer: Caretaker
Wrong Answer: Groundskeeper
Wrong Answer: Squib

Have Butterbeer with Tons: Prove how well you know Tonks!

Question: My favorite spot in Hogsmeade?
Correct Answer: Zonko’s Joke Shop
Wrong Answer: The Three Broomsticks
Wrong Answer: The Leaky Cauldron

Question: Who’s my Head of House?
Best Answer: Professor Sprout
OK Answer: Professor Flitwick
Wrong Answer: Madam Pince

Question: What’s my dream job?
Best Answer: Auror
OK Answer: Zonko’s Shopkeeper
Wrong Answer: Magizoologist

Question: What’s my favorite greeting?
Correct Answer: Wotcher!
Wrong Answer: Watcher!
Wrong Answer: Witcher!

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