Rowan Khanna

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery encounter answers for Rowan

As I obsess over the Hogwarts Mystery game, I couldn’t help but notice there are not a lot of tips for answering the correct questions. So, I hope this can help you on your way to pass your classes and build your relationships.

With Rowan Khanna, when you reach level 10 you score a clothing item, except it’s her cool hipster glasses.

Meal with a Friend: Prove Your Knowledge To Rowan

Question: Where was our first Flying Lesson?
Right Answer: Training Grounds
Wrong Answer: The Great Hall
Wrong Answer: Clocktower Courtyard

Question: What was our second class?
Right Answer: Potions
Wrong Answer: Flying
Wrong Answer: Charms

Question: What was our first potion?
Right Answer: Cure for Boils
Wrong Answer: Forgetfulness Potion
Wrong Answer: Wiggenweld Potion

Question: What was our first class?
Right Answer: Charms
Wrong Answer: Transfiguration
Wrong Answer: Potions

Question: What exploded your cauldron?
Right Answer: Bulbadox Powder
Wrong Answer: Fire Seeds
Wrong Answer: Valerian Sprigs

Meal with a Friend: Beat Rowan’s Dumbledore Quiz

Question: What are Dumbledore’s Hobbies?
Right Answer: Ten Pin Bowling
Right Answer: Chamber Music
Wrong Answer: Gobstones

Question: What titles has he held?
Right Answer: Supreme Mugwump
Right Answer: Head Boy
Wrong Answer: Minister of Magic

Question: Where does his brother work?
Right Answer: Hog’s Head Inn
Ok Answer: Hogsmeade
Wrong Answer: Godric’s Hollow

Question: What is he most famous for?
Right Answer: Defeating Grindelwald
OK Answer: Teaching Transfiguration
Wrong Answer: Breeding Grindylows

Question: Who is his animal companion?
Right Answer: Fawkes
OK Answer: A Phoenix
Wrong Answer: A Pensieve

Question: What is Dumbledore’s title?
Right Answer: Headmaster
Ok Answer: Professor
Wrong Answer: Caretaker

Question: Describe Dumbledore’s wand.
Right Answer: It’s the Elder Wand
Right Answer: It has a Thestral tail hair core.
Wrong Answer: It has a Phoenix feather core.

Gobstones: Make Rowan Feel at Home

Question: The farm was so wonderful.
Best Answer: You can learn more here
OK Answer: You can make friends here
Wrong Answer: You can duel more here

Question: There were so many creatures.
Best Answer: Bowtruckles?
OK Answer: Fairies
Wrong Answer: Erumpents?

Question: Our farm’s trees make the best.
Best Answer: Wands
OK Answer: Boats
Wrong Answer: Brooms

Question: Know what tree I miss the most?
Best Answer: Hawthorn
OK Answer: Hornbeam
Wrong Answer: Horklump

Question: Know what I miss the most?
Best Answer: Family
OK Answer: Trees
Wrong Answer: Trains

Question: How do I stop feeling homesick?
Best Answer: Read more books
OK Answer: Make more friends
Wrong Answer: Brew more potions.

Question: I miss my family so much.
Best Answer: Write them a letter
OK Answer: Look at their photos
Wrong Answer: My brother is missing.

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