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Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery encounter answers for Penny

So, I’ve been spending a LOT of time obsessing over the new Hogwarts Mystery game. And I couldn’t help but notice there are not a lot of tips for answering the friendship encounter questions. So, I hope this can help you on your way to pass your classes and build your relationships.

When you get to level 10 with Penny Haywood you score this hilarious tool belt thing.

Playing Gobstones 1: Prove How Well You Know Hogwart’s Gossip

Question: Why Does Dumbledore Leave?
Best Answer: To search for someone
Ok Answer: To search for something
Wrong Answer: To visit Harry Potter

Question: What does Filch love most?
Best Answer: Mrs. Norris
Ok Answer: Shackles
Wrong Answer: Children

Question: Why was your brother expelled?
Best Answer: He broke school rules
Ok Answer: He searched for the vaults
Wrong Answer: He worked for You-Know-Who

Question: What makes Ben a coward?
Best Answer: He’s from a Muggle family
Ok Answer: Merula bullies him
Wrong Answer: He’s secretly a death eater

Question: Why do they say you are mad?
Best Answer: Because of my brother
Ok Answer: Becuase of the Cursed Vaults
Wrong Answer: Becuase of Mad-Eye Moody

Question: What is Hagrid’s Secret?
Right Answer: He is bad at baking Rock Cakes
Right Answer: He keeps dangerous creatures
Wrong Answer: He doesn’t know how to shave.

Playing Gobstones 2: Distract Penny

Question: Let’s Play Owen!
Best Answer: What’s your favorite potion?
Ok Answer: What’s the latest gossip?
Wrong Answer: What’s the best way to focus?

Question: Let’s join the Gobstones Club
Best Answer: Let’s brew Polyjuice Potion
Ok Answer: Let’s gather potion ingredients
Wrong Answer: Let’s think about our next move.

Question: Don’t try to distract me.
Best Answer: Sprout is coming this way
Ok Answer: Flickwick is coming this way
Wrong Answer: I’ll try to win without distractions

Question: I hardly ever lose.
Best Answer: You must be cursed
Ok Answer: You must be distracted
Wrong Answer: We can always play again.

Question: Wait until you see this move.
Best Answer: Who’s the best at Potions?
OK Answer: Who’s the best at Gobstones?
Wrong Answer: Who’s the best at focusing?

Meal with a Friend: Beat Penny’s Potion Quiz Answers

Question: What is in Shrinking solution?
Right Answer: Shrivelfigs
Right Answer: Powdered Rat Spleens

Wrong Answer: Powdered Bat Spleens

Question: What’s in Polyjuice Potion?
Right Answer: Flaxweed
Right Answer: Knotgrass

Wrong Answer: Mistletoe Berries

Question: What’s in Forgetfulness Potion?
Right Answer: Lethe River Water
Right Answer: Valerian Sprigs

Wrong Answer: I forget

Question: What’s in Doxycide?
Right Answer: Bundium Secretion
Right Answer: Dragon Liver

Wrong Answer: Ginger Root

Question: What is in Wideye Potion?
Right Answer: Wolfsbane
Right Answer: Standard Ingredient

Wrong Answer: Bezoar

Question: What’s in Swelling Solution?
Right Answer: Pufferfish Eyes
Right Answer: Dried Nettles

Wrong Answer: Horklump Juice

Question: What’s in Cure for Boils?
Right Answer: Snake Fangs
Right Answer: Horned Slugs

Wrong Answer: Lady’s Mantle

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