Bill Weasley

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery encounter answers for Bill Weasley

All hail Bill Weasley. For those shippers out there, we all know who Bill is going to marry, but until then, feel free to lust after him. Here are all of the answers you’ll need for friendship encounters with Bill.

If you reach level 10 friendship with him you’ll earn a coveted Weasley sweater!

Play Gobstones with Bill: Distract him!

Question: My brother taught me this move.
Best Answer: He must be better than you
OK Answer: My brother is missing
Wrong Answer: I can’t wait to see it

Question: I hardly ever lose.
Best Answer: You must be cursed.
OK Answer: You have a lot to think about.
Wrong Answer: Just try not to get distracted

Question: Don’t try to distract me.
Best Answer: McGonagall is right behind you!
OK Answer: Flitwick is right behind you!
Wrong Answer: I don’t need to distract you to win.

Have a meal with Bill: Beat his Gryffindor Quiz!

Question: Who’s our Head of House?
Correct Answer: Professor McGongall
Wrong Answer: Professor Flitwick
Wrong Answer: Professor Dumbledore

Question: Where’s our Common Room?
Correct Answer: Gryffindor Tower
Wrong Answer: Headmaster’s Tower
Wrong Answer: Astronomy Tower

Question: What do you associate with us?
Correct Answer: Courage
Wrong Answer: Cleverness
Wrong Answer: Determination

Have Butterbeer: Prove how well you know Bill

Question: Where did we meet?
Correct Answer: The Training Grounds
Wrong Answer: The Clocktower Courtyard
Wrong Answer: The Forbidden Forest

Question: What’s my goal?
Correct Answer: To become a Curse-Breaker.
Wrong Answer: To become an Auror
Wrong Answer: To become a professor

Question: What’s my surname?
Correct Answer: Weasley
Wrong Answer: Wiggenweld
Wrong Answer: Weaserly

How many siblings do I have?
Correct Answer: Six
Wrong Answer: None
Wrong Answer: Five

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