Charlie Weasley

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery encounter answers for Charlie Weasley

The knower of all things dragon, Charlie Weasley is one smart cookie. If you want to be his friend, you’re going to have to learn a lot about dragons and other various creatures. You’ll def hang with him during your Care of Magical Creatures class.

If you get to level 10 with Charlie, I’m told you’ll get Charlie’s fancy fun hairstyle.

Play Gobstones: Beat Charlie’s Quiz:

Question: What item is in the Burrow?
Correct Answer:Clock that tracks the family
Correct Answer: Fireplace on the Floo Network

Wrong Answer: Gargoyle that guards the door

Question: What is our mum good at?
Correct Answer: Healing magic
Correct Answer: Household spells

Wrong Answer: Dark magic

Question: What family are we related to?
Correct Answer:Prewett family
Correct Answer: House of Black

Wrong Answer: Granger family

Have a meal with Charlie: Pass his dragon quiz:

Question: Describe a Chinese Fireball?
Correct Answer: Its spikes are golden
Correct Answer: Its eggs are crimson

Wrong Answer: Its horns are purple

Question: Describe Norwegian Ridgebacks
Correct Answer: They have spiny wings
Correct Answer: They feed on aquatic creatures

Wrong Answer: They only eat vegetables

Question: Describe a Ukrainian Ironbelly
Correct Answer: It’s the largest breed of dragon
Correct Answer: It has metallic grey scales

Wrong Answer: It has deep green eyes

Butterbeer: Tell Carlie about your third year at Hogwarts

Question: Where did you sneak into?
Correct Answer: Filch’s office
Correct Answer: The restricted section

Wrong Answer: The forbidden forrest (Although if you’ve reached Chapter 6 this is no longer accurate)

Question: What cool potions did you learn?
Correct Answer: Antidote to common poisons
Correct Answer: Wideye potion

Wrong Answer: Shrinking solution

Question: What new friends did you make?
Correct Answer: Tulip Karasu
Correct Answer: Barnaby Lee

Wrong Answer: Ismelda Murk

Question: What clues did you find?
Correct Answer: My brother’s notebook
Correct Answer: A threatening letter

Wrong Answer: A broken broom

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