Barnaby Lee

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery encounter answers for Barnaby

Barnaby Lee isn’t the brightest bulb in the tanning bed, much less the smartest wizard at Hogwarts. If you’re on the search for ways to befriend him so he can do your bidding, here are your answers. Maybe, he’ll come in handy at some point, but so far all he does is screw things up.

If you reach level 10 with Barnaby, you score a Sweater with house crest. Yipee…

Playing Gobstones: Confuse Barnaby — which ain’t hard, bless his heart.

Question: How do you like Gobstones?
Best Answer: Gobstones are my favorite food
OK Answer: It’s confusing
Wrong Answer: I like that it’s easy to understand

Question:Let’s join the Gobstones Club
Best Answer: We founded the Gobstones Club
OK Answer: Let’s drink Confusing Concoction
Wrong Answer: Let’s appreciate the simplicity

Question:Wait until you see this move
Best Answer: I just saw it
OK Answer: I’ll watch with my eyes closed
Wrong Answer: I hope it’s easy to understand

Have a meal with Barnaby: Creature Quiz
(so I saw this somewhere and couldn’t remember if there was another creature quiz, so I’m including it until I can figure out what’s going on.)

Question: Name a top creature expert?
Correct Answer: Newt Scamander
Correct Answer: Gulliver Pokeby

Question: Who Specialises in dragons?
Correct Answer: A Dragonologist

Question: Which Creature can speak?
Correct Answer: Jarvey
Correct Answer: Acromantula

Have a meal with Barnaby 2: Creature Quiz

Question:Which creature is from Africa?
Correct Answer: Phoenix
Correct Answer: Fwooper

Wrong Answer: Flobberworm

Question:Which creature lays eggs?
Correct Answer: Augurey
Correct Answer: Chimaera

Wrong Answer: Yeti (it’s a mammal!)

Question:Which one makes the best pet?
Correct Answer: Puffskein
Wrong Answer: Niffler
Wrong Answer: Billywig

Question:Which creature can fly?
Correct Answer: Snallygaster
Correct Answer: Hippogriff

Wrong Answer: Unicorn

Drink Butterbeer — Prove how well you know Barnaby

Question:Where did we meet?
Correct Answer: Potions Class
Wrong Answer: The clocktower
Wrong Answer: Courtyard Charms Class

Question: Who did my dad used to know?
Correct Answer: You-Know-Who
Correct Answer: Horace Slughorn

Wrong Answer: Salazar Slytherin

Question: What am I best known for?
Correct Answer: Being tough
Wrong Answer: Being smart
Wrong Answer: Being an Animagus

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