Yule Ball Poster

Yule Ball-Inspired Poster Painted in1930s Retro Style

Absolutely stunning artwork from WindowShopGal Amy. This is a reproduction of her artwork. The poster shows Hermione and Ron dancing. There are two options available – one with Hermione in the pink dress and for the book purists – the blue.

Your poster will be printed on 100lb weight paper. The sizes offered (11×17″, 18×24″ and 24×36″ inches) makes this artwork very easy to frame because most stores already stock poster frames in those dimensions, and as you can see from the photos, you don’t even need a mat board!


11″ x 17″ cost: $18.50

18″ x 24″ cost: $24.50

24″ x 36″ cost: $56.50

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